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The safety and the construction of a harmonious enterprise weightier than Mount Tai
Time:2017-06-05    Source:    Views:2539

In order to fully implement the national laws and regulations of the "Fire Law", fire protection guidelines of our factory has been to "prevention first, combining prevention with elimination of fire safety education activities in various forms, full of fire spread knowledge, promote fire safety concept, training organization and coordination ability of the staff to deal with the fire fighting command, Department of personnel administration; the safety committee of the leadership in the company in March 2017 8, the Department issued the annual fire fighting plan, the plan is divided into three parts:
1, organize all staff fire safety knowledge and wonderful and thought-provoking case analysis training.
2. Introduce the correct use of fire equipment and simulate the scene of fire on the team. Let every member of the competition experience the fire in the form of a baton.
3 、 on-site production workshop staff escape skills and a variety of safety evacuation instructions.
3.18 fire emergency drills pictures
Through the fire drill, let all employees to learn the fire of knowledge, in practice only we know the safety safety weightier than Mount Tai, knowledge, pay attention to safety, actively participate in accident prevention, timely detection and elimination of security risks, in order to build a harmonious enterprise.
Reporter: Liu Ya
Figure 1: evacuation drills


Picture two: personnel inventory

Picture three: explain the use of fire extinguishing equipment

Picture four: Practice of fire fighting equipment

Figure five: summary of fire emergency drills


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