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Addr: Yingang Industrial Park No. 71 South Road, Chongqing District of Beibei City Xing
Tel: 023-68327680
Fax: 023-68327680
E-mail: 123@126.com
Website: http://www.ftcoating.com
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"Win the battle of the dog. Create brilliant" Chinese New Year gathering 2018.02.27
A difficult one, donation activities -- help comes from all quarters 2018.02.27
Overall push forklift truck operation skills competition 2017.07.14
The chamber of Commerce tongjiaxi election success 2017.07.08
The company will organize new staff training 2017.07.08
"July 1" before the Futai Party branch branch held a forum 2017.07.08
Coating new material research and development center established 2017.06.08
VAVE most valuable Award 2017.06.07
Love donation activities 2017.06.05
The safety and the construction of a harmonious enterprise weightier than Mount Tai 2017.06.05
Company IATF16949:2016 quality management system, internal auditor training 2017.06.05
To celebrate the 2016 Chongqing University of Science and Technology intern in production practice 2017.06.05
Care for staff life, spend the Dragon Boat Festival 2017.06.02
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Addr:Yingang Industrial Park No. 71 South Road, Chongqing District of Beibei City Xing  Tel:023-68327680    
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