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The company will organize new staff training
Time:2017-07-08    Source:    Views:3374

In order to help new employees faster and better integrate into the corporate culture, so as to adapt to the working environment, work smoothly, Futai enterprises in June 26, 2017 company of more than 40 new recruits of staff training, HR personnel administration department leader Ge Tingting to the new staff introduced the development history, the company's organizational structure framework, salary and welfare the rules and regulations; Security Deputy Director Liu Ya introduced the use of security situation, the company's approach, safety assessment of national safety production laws and regulations and company safety wear, hazard risk identification, fire fighting equipment, how to alarm, environment / occupation health; Quality Engineer Jin Tao introduced the quality and system of knowledge and skills. Through training, the process of rapid integration of new employees into the enterprise environment has injected confidence and motivation, and laid the foundation for the follow-up work.

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